The Basic that you should learn before

1:Hold a hook & yarn  2:Count stitches, rounds, and rows  3:Use stitch markers   
4:Read a crochet pattern 5:Yarn over   6:Magic ring
7:Slip stitch (sl st) 8:Single crochet 9:Increase (inc) 
10:Decrease (dec) 11:Close a ball   12.Change colors
13.Crochet through flo,blo 14.Sew a flat piece onto a 3D piece  15.sew amigurumi parts together


The Body

      With Rainbow yarn



            From Round 1-4, we use the yarn in blue color in the video, to make sure you can see it clear. but you should use the rainbow yarn to make it.

      Round 1: 6 sc in MR [6]

      Round 2: (inc in each st) x 6 [12]

      Round 3: (sc, inc) x 6 [18]

      Round 4: (2 sc, inc ) x 6 [24]

            From Round 5, we use the yarn in rainbow color  as the pattern says in the next videos

      Round 5-7

      Round 8-12

      Round 13(change color)

      Add eyes

      Round 14:

      Round 15-17

      Stuff it

      Round 18-19

      close it

The Tail

      With Yellow yarn

      Round 1-7

      Finishing the tail

      Sew it on the body

The Side fins(Make 2)

      With yellow yarn

      Round 1-4

      Sew it on the body